Optimizing Content for Real Estate Searches

Optimizing Content for Real Estate Searches

By taking the time to optimize the content of your real estate website, you’re improving the quality and relevancy of your site. By not optimizing your site properly, search engines won’t know who and when to serve your website to consumers.

As human beings, when we read a website or a document, we’re able to figure out what it’s about, but it doesn’t work the same when it comes to search engines. For example, let’s say you had a booklet that you had as a download on your website called ‘How to Buy a Home.’

As consumers read through the booklet, they learn the importance of homeownership, how you’re able to help them as a real estate agent, and why they need to be pre-approved before they start touring homes. While this booklet has a lot of great information in it, it doesn’t break down the actual steps of buying a home. By not providing the right information your client is seeking, even if the phrase how to buy a home is in the booklet, the narrative didn’t quite hit on the information they were searching for.

When it comes to writing content for your real estate website, both consumers and search engines expect clarity and quality. They need to know without hesitation what your content is about, and even more importantly, need to know that they can trust you to provide the right content.

Now, let’s say a consumer downloaded your booklet and read through it, what happens when they realize their question, how to buy a home, isn’t answered? They’re going to move on and find someone who can provide that information; they’re not going to trust you quite as much, even though you may be the perfect agent for them.

On the other hand, let’s say they downloaded your booklet, and you broke down the ten steps to buying a home. You go over the pre-approval process, how to decide which houses to tour, the process of making an offer, what a home inspection is and how to negotiate repairs, and what to expect on closing day, they’re going to see the value you offer as an agent and trust you to help them through the home buying process. They’re going to know when they have more questions for you during their home search that they can trust your answers.

When you take the time to optimize your real estate content properly, more consumers will be able to find your website. As more consumers view your website, spend time on it, and share the information provided with more people, search engines will trust the site and reward it with more visibility.

As you continue to think about ways that you can optimize your site, keep in mind that it has to benefit both the consumers who are reading the provided content and search engines which are scanning and indexing the site. Focus on creating relevant themes and building trust.

While real estate business is conducted in person, for many, the relationship with their agent starts online. Buying and selling a house is a substantial investment, and consumers want to know who you are before they start spending thousands of dollars. Set yourself up from the start to create the know, like, and trust factor by properly optimizing your content.

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