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Attract Home Sellers on Social Media with 3 Post Ideas

It’s no secret that there is a shortage of inventory across the country right now, and you need to attract more home sellers. As more and more buyers continue to enter the market to take advantage of the low mortgage rates, the need for more homes will continue to rise.

When it comes to attracting real estate leads on social media, it’s easier to target buyers and work to get both sides of the transaction. But many homeowners are holding off on selling their current homes because they fear they won’t have anywhere to go.

You know that until more inventory starts to make its way onto the market, buyers are going to continue having a difficult time getting into a new home. That’s why this week, we’re focusing on three types of content you should be creating to attract home sellers on social media.

Attract Home Sellers by Showcasing New Developments

One of the first ways you can attract home sellers online is by showcasing new communities moving into the area. Start by visiting the development site and learning the new houses’ price range, who the builders are, and what amenities will be available within the community.

When you showcase a new development, you’re likely to attract home sellers because this new community wasn’t available when they purchased a home in the years prior, and oftentimes, first-time homeowners don’t have the funds needed to buy a brand-new home.

As the community begins to break ground and model homes are available to tour, take the time to speak with one of the representatives to learn what upgrades are available, what plans the development has as it grows, and why someone would love living in the new community.

Remember, think about what problems living in this community would solve for your ideal client.

Share Testimonials as Case Studies

Sharing testimonials from past clients is always a great way to showcase your talent and attract home sellers and buyers. Consumers want to know what it’s like to work with you and how you can help them on their real estate journey.

But instead of just sharing the testimonial, create a case study of how you went above and beyond for a seller to help them net more money on the sale of their home or sell it in record time.

When you’re able to not only share how you’re different but showcase how working with you can help solve a problem for a potential client, they’re more likely to reach out to you.

A great case study to share right now would be how you helped a client sell their home and get into a new house seamlessly since the fear of becoming homeless is why so many sellers are holding off right now.

The great thing about sharing testimonials and case studies is you probably have a lot ready to go and don’t even realize it. Many of the real estate agents we service have programs available through their brokerage that help clients, such as test driving a house before buying it, fixing up their home before selling, or marketing plans that go beyond postcards, MLS listings, and online exposure. Make sure you’re leveraging those programs to bring in leads by sharing the problem a client faced and how you were able to help them fix it.

Promote Content that Home Sellers Need

While it’s understood that you need sellers now, it’s never a bad idea to share content that will help you create a long-term pipeline. Often, when you’re creating content to attract home sellers, you’re thinking about what they need to know now, like adding curb appeal or how much their home is worth, but you also want to share content that attracts homeowners who are thinking about selling in the next 1-3 years.

Content that is going to help you attract future sellers includes information such as renovations that add value to the home, sharing the latest market data and comparing it years past, and changes within the community that homeowners may or may not agree with. When it comes to building out a long-term pipeline, your goal is to attract the consumer now and continually share the valuable information they need so it’s easier for them to decide when it would be a good time for them to list their home.

Start Attracting Sellers Now

The more you consistently share content around a particular real estate topic, the more your brand will be known for it. As you create your content calendar, be sure you’re sharing information that is valuable, and you’re not just marketing yourself. Consumers don’t want to be sold to; they want to know how you solve a problem for them.

So, get out there and start finding more listings for your buyers – it all starts by you solving a problem for a homeowner who’s too scared to list.

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