Blog Topics for Real Estate Agents in 2021

As marketing and lead generation continue to weigh heavily on creating content, blogging has become a key marketing tactic to help agents stay in front of their target audience. Just like with any marketing strategy, it all starts with knowing who you’re trying to target and what your goals are.

Blogging is a great way to share your ideas, grow your business, and stay connected to your local community.

But, with all the noise out there, it can be tough to find your voice and your audience.

To help you out, I’ve created a list of blog ideas for real estate agents in 2021.

Why Real Estate Agents Should Start a Blog

Before we dive into the list of blogs, it’s important to understand why a real estate agent should add blogging to their real estate marketing plan.

The biggest reason to start blogging to increase SEO on your website. Blogs can help you as a real estate agent get found on Google and other search engines. As you’re building out your content plan, it’s important to keep your real estate funnel in mind – especially with SEO. It’s ok to cast a wider net and slowly move people through the funnel.

The second reason you should consider starting a real estate blog is it gives your followers a reason to visit your website on a regular basis. The more you push people back to your website, the more likely they are to use you as their agent when they’re ready to enter the housing market. 

Blog Ideas for Real Estate Agents to Attract Buyers

Below are blog ideas for real estate agents who are looking to generate buyer leads broken up into the most common buyer categories.

Real Estate Blog Ideas

  • Why you need to be pre-approved
  • How much you need for a down payment
  • Down payment assistance programs available in your state
  • Things to consider before purchasing a house
  • Things to not do when going through the home buying process
  • Common real estate terms and what they mean when buying a home
  • Why now is a good time to buy a home
  • How to decide if an HOA is right for you
  • Condo vs Townhome vs Single Family House – which is the best option in your city and why
  • Most common questions asked when buying a house

Financing/Mortgage Blog Ideas

  • What you need for a pre-approval
  • How to shop around for a mortgage
  • How to repair credit issues before getting a mortgage
  • What to do if you’ve been denied a pre-approval
  • Types of mortgages available in your state
  • The true cost of buying a home – down payment, closing costs etc.
  • Most commonly asked mortgage questions
  • How interest rates work
  • Budgeting Tips and Tricks
  • Why you should/should not use big banks for a mortgage loan
  • Mortgage Lender vs. Big Banks – which is the better option
  • The difference between a mortgage broker and a mortgage lender

Local Content for Buyers Relocating to a New City

  • Spotlight the schools and school district
  • Things to do in the area
  • Events in the area
  • Top restaurants in the area
  • Interview a city council member and spotlight their achievements
  • Interview a local business owner and why they love owning a business in that city
  • Market Stats
  • Top Parks and Playgrounds
  • Notable Awards and Achievements for the City
  • Interview a past client and ask why they love living in the city
  • Spotlight the different neighborhoods and why residents love living there
  • Spotlight new developments and why someone should build there

Blog Ideas for Real Estate Agents to Attract Sellers

Below are blog ideas for real estate agents who are looking to generate seller leads. Unlike buyer leads, most of what you share will fall into the real estate category.

Real Estate Blog Topics

  • How to accurately price your home to sell
  • Why now is/is not a good time to sell
  • Why you should not FSBO
  • Why staging is important when it comes to selling
  • Features buyers are looking for in their next home
  • Mistakes to avoid when selling
  • How to prepare your home for the real estate market
  • How you help clients sell their house fast and for more money
  • How your marketing plan is generating more money for your clients
  • How to add value to your home’s property
  • Renovations that bring the highest ROI

Blog Ideas to Retain Clients

When your clients aren’t in the real estate market, it’s important to keep them engaged and for you to stay top of mind for the next time they’re ready to buy or sell, and to generate referrals. Here are blog topics that will keep your clients coming back.

Homeownership Blogs

  • Projects you should not DIY
  • Share DIY projects that you or a past client have completed with photos
  • Top paint colors for the year
  • How to start a flower garden
  • How to start a vegetable garden
  • Cleaning Tips
  • How to host a successful garage sale
  • How to turn your backyard into an oasis
  • Favorite Recipes
  • How to host a great holiday party (any holiday)

Local Content Ideas

  • Upcoming events
  • New businesses coming to town
  • Construction/changes coming to the area
  • Hidden gems that many residents don’t know about
  • Review a restaurant
  • Review a small business
  • Spotlight a school teach/educator and the difference they’re making in the community
  • Spotlight a local sports team/athlete and how they overcame a struggle to succeed
  • Spotlight a child and how they’re making a difference in the community
  • Give an unbiased overview to a policy that is being voted on in the upcoming election
  • Give an unbiased overview of all the candidates running in the upcoming local election
  • Bring awareness to a fundraising event that is taking place
  • Let people know where they can buy girl scouts cookies
  • Create a date night itinerary full of local restaurants and business
  • Share something you’re passionate about – maybe you love running and want to talk about the local trails
  • Talk about the teams and clubs at the local schools who won a competition – or made it really far
  • Attend city counsel meetings and give an overview to changes coming to the area

Get Started with Your Real Estate Blog

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