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5 Community Post Ideas to Include in Your Real Estate Marketing

It’s no secret that I encourage all of my agents to be the community expert. You are more than a real estate agent, and you have to remember to build up relationships with your followers to show them that you’re not just trying to make a commission, but rather help them in this next chapter of their life. So, here are five social media post ideas on how to incorporate that community expertise into your marketing plan.

Community Events 

Sharing events that are taking place in the area allows people to stay active in their own community. I have one agent who we do this almost exclusively. I would probably say two out of the four blog posts that we do for her website each month include monthly events in her area or things to do. You can find this information by attending the local city council meetings to going to the city’s website. To share the event information, you can post them as blogs, share a community calendar each month, or post to your social media pages.  

Spotlight a Local Business

The second way is through a business spotlight. So, again, I have another agent who goes every week to a local coffee shop, restaurant, or brewhouse and showcases the restaurant or the business that she is at through videos. She’ll talk a little bit about the business and then throw in some real estate information. This allows her followers to see the different restaurants and businesses in the area, what they offer, and the area’s atmosphere. When you’re able to, consider interviewing the owner or manager and find out why they chose your area to build their business. Go a step further and see if they are able to create an offer that you can give to your followers. As a small business owner, I encourage you to support other small business owners in your area.  

Things Going on in the City

The third way that you can show local expertise in some posts is what I’m going to call ‘city work.’ So, think of this in terms of changes that are going on within the city that residents may need to be aware of. For example, maybe there is construction taking place, and there are going to be lane closures for an extended period of time. Maybe a new business or housing development is coming to town that residents will be excited about.

Spotlight a Community Leader

The fourth way that you should start incorporating local knowledge is by spotlighting key players in the community. Think of people like the mayor or new city council members, teachers who have been in the district for an extended period of time, or perhaps a student who is excelling. When families are looking to move to new areas, the school district is going to play a big part in the city they select. So whenever you’re given the opportunity to talk about it, take it!

Share Local Real Estate Stats

The fifth way that you can show that local expertise is by sharing local stats. Again, this can double as a real estate post, and I encourage you to keep it simple. Consider information like average list price, days on the market, average sale price, or the number of homes sold last month. End the post by allowing your followers to request additional information. By putting too much information out there, you’re not giving them a reason to contact you. Always try to leave them wanting more.

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