Grow Your Real Estate Business with Online Reviews

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to get more business is by having a strong online presence. One way you can do this and start growing your real estate business is by getting client reviews on sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google+.

Whether you’ve only started out in the business or if you already have a few reviews, these tips will help your online review portfolio grow and generate more leads.

Ask Your Clients for Real Estate Reviews

Most people don’t automatically run to the computer or pick up their phones to leave a review for someone, no matter how great the service was, so the first step is to simply ask for the review. Make sure people know where they should go to post their thoughts about you and leave reviews.

Don’t be afraid of looking pushy or needy if you have to follow up with clients a number of times. Acknowledge that they’re busy, but let them know how important it is that you share their experience with others.

Set the Expectation and Intentions Upfront

If you want to generate more real estate client reviews, you have to be intentional with your clients and set the expectation upfront. Let them know from the beginning that you plan to ask them for a review at the end of the transaction.

As you near the closing date, remind them that it would mean a lot to you if they took the time to craft a testimonial about their experience. When you’re at the closing appointment, let them know that you will be sending them an email requesting a testimonial and include links to where you would like the testimonial posted.

Be Smart About Review Sites

There are a lot of review sites online that your clients can leave testimonials. However, you want to send your clients to sites that are going to generate more interest in you and your business.

There are many sites on the internet that home buyers and sellers may use in their search for a real estate agent, but Zillow is one of the most popular. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to gain reviews on this site because not everyone has an account with them. Some people might not want to sign up just to say kind things about you, and clients that already have an account may have forgotten their username or password. So, it’s always smart to have other options available.

Facebook and Google are extremely helpful for collecting reviews. These are both popular websites with high rates of daily usage, so it’s easier to build a store of reviews from satisfied customers. Plus, with Google, the more reviews you have, the more likely you are to rank in the 3-pack on the map search.

If you want your reviews showing up in multiple places, you may want to consider a real estate client review management platform. Aside from the ability to collect more online client reviews, many of these services offer a variety of additional features and tools.

Don’t Take Real Estate Reviews Personally

There are going to be times when you feel as though you did everything you possibly could to help out a client, but they still didn’t give you five stars. Don’t let it bother you.

There are people out there who are never completely satisfied no matter how hard you work. You can’t please everyone. The real takeaway for you is that as long as their reviews don’t negatively affect your business, it’s okay to let the occasional bad review slide by.

Reply to Your Client Reviews

If your client takes the time to share their thoughts about you on social media, respond promptly and politely. You may even want to reply in a way that provides value for them based on what they have shared.

When you reply to a review, keep in mind that your remarks are for future prospects, not just the client who left the feedback. When other buyers and sellers look at your reviews with replies, they’ll see what you’ve said and this gives you a chance to fill in some of the details that the client may have left out.

How to Use Your Real Estate Reviews to Generate Leads

When a past client recommends you to someone or leaves a raving review, it allows consumers to feel more secure in hiring you as their real estate agent.

Positive feedback can earn one trust points because reviews of your service have been tried and found satisfactory, indicating that a client is not simply pandering to the opinion of others.

That’s because testimonials are powerful forms of social proof.

Collecting testimonials in of itself isn’t going to generate more business for you; you need to know how to leverage those testimonials.

Use Real Estate Reviews to Market Your Strengths

To get a bigger picture of how well your brand and service are being received, dig into reviews to extract numbers and quotations. This will allow you to adjust the business marketing tactics, messaging, and positioning in order to attract new customers.

By understanding which areas you excel in, where you can improve what previous customers have found helpful about your services, you can create a targeted marketing strategy that will increase leads.

Use Client Reviews as Stories to Attract Clients

Stories about people have an emotional appeal and this makes them a powerful marketing tool. They humanize your brand, make potential customers more likely to associate themselves with your business, and allow consumers to see themselves as clients of yours.

Utilizing customer testimonials, real estate agents can use their experience to create a story for prospective customers about their company. A real estate marketing video or blog post could highlight the needs of the customer and how this service is an ideal solution.

As you’re writing you’re creating a marketing video or writing a case-study style blog, focus on the emotions your client felt throughout their real estate journey.

Start Growing Your Real Estate Business

Now that you understand how important it is for you to increase your real estate reviews online and leverage them to generate leads, you can start incorporating them into your real estate marketing plan.

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