How Real Estate Agents Can Improve Blog Content to Build Trust and Authority

Starting a real estate blog is a great way to build trust and authority in your primary market. The problem is many real estate agents don’t know how to get eyes on their content.

After all, no one wants to waste their time creating content that won’t get seen by their target audience. If you want to build an engaged following of potential clients who are looking for a home in your area, there are some things that you can do!

Here are five ways you can enhance the content in your blog and start getting more traffic to your website.

Use Your Real Estate Blog to Attract Your Ideal Client

As you’re planning out your content, you want to think about how your real estate blog content can attract your ideal client.

To do this, think about what you’re an expert in outside of real estate and how that relates to your target audience. The best content comes from those who are passionate about what they’re writing about.

The best place to see what type of content within the niche of your ideal client can be found by using Google Trends or even looking at what is working for others in that niche.

For example – if you are passionate about fitness, use your real estate blog to attract other fitness enthusiasts in your area. Some posts you may consider include how to create a home gym, the best gyms in your area, your favorite parks to workout at, or restaurants that have healthy menu options.

We all have varied interests when we’re not at work, but as an agent, you may not always focus on these other things because it’s hard to find time for them. But if you use content related to one or more passions in life then people will be able to connect with you better–that is how trust has been built over time.

Write Scroll Stopping Headlines

If you want more people reading your real estate blog, then you need to give them a reason to click on the link. When it comes to writing great headlines, you need to think of what people are searching for and how you can be different from the competition.

For those who are new to blog writing and figuring out what to create catchy headlines, CoSchedule has a headline analyzer to help you.

You’ll enter the title of your blog, and the analyzer will give you a score.

The report includes your title’s length and character numbers, and it’ll give you suggestions if it thinks your title could be improved.

It also provides other helpful information to improve the title, like sentiment and keywords.

Keep playing with different variations of your title until you get a score that you’re happy with.

Make Your Real Estate Blog Easy to Read

When someone is interested in your blog, they want to be able to read it easily and scan to the section that is the most interesting to them.  Make your blog posts easy to read by including a lot of white space, use short and easy-to-understand sentences, bullet points, and sub-headings.

Often when we’re writing on a topic that we know and that we’re passionate about, we can forget that not everyone understands certain terms or references.

You’ll want to write your blog on an 8th-grade reading level or below. You can check the readability of your website by using a readability test tool such as

The goal isn’t to dumb down the content, the goal is to simply make it easier to digest.

Guest Posting on Real Estate Blogs

One way to get more exposure for your blog is by allowing guest blogging. You can either hand-pick posts or allow guests to submit their own post ideas. By having other experts write content on topics that are related but not competitive, you show readers a wider range of knowledge and expertise in the industry. It also exposes those authors’ work.

When you allow other experts to guest post on your blog, you’re opening the door to bring their audience over to your site, increase your credibility, and it can boost both your website and their website’s SEO scores.

To find people to guest post, or to look for opportunities to guest post on other websites yourself, simply head over to Google. You can find blogs that are open to accepting guest blog posts with the following phrases; just replace keyword with the topic you want covered.

  • keyword “submit a guest post”
  • keyword “guest post”
  • keyword “contributor post”
  • Post to Your Real Estate Blog More Often

How Often Should You be Posting to Your Real Estate Blog

The more often you post to your blog, the better. Posting once a week is just as good as posting twice a day as long as you’re consistent.

More content means that people are coming back and seeing your posts on their newsfeeds. If you’re writing quality content with valuable information for your ideal client, then they will be eager to share it.

Writing a well-thought-out and engaging blog for your real estate website can take time depending on how long it is, testing out headlines, and adding in images.

How often you need to post new content comes down to the goals you’ve created for your real estate blog. Neil Patel, expert digital marketer and SEO specialist recommends following these five factors by Forbes.

  • Regular readership – Posting at least once a week will keep regular readers happy (they already have a buy-in).
  • SEO – In terms of SEO, companies that produce 16 posts or more every month have better SEO traffic than those who don’t post as often.
  • News and updates – How quickly do people need to know about changes in your industry or to your product or service?
  • Competition – How often do your competitors post? You want to match the pace as best as you can.
  • Budget and resources – Publishing more often will mean more time and energy (and potential costs) for your blog. Can you afford it?

While these are general guidelines to follow, be sure to keep in mind what you can handle and how often your readers want to hear from you.

Start Improving Your Real Estate Blog Content

With this newfound knowledge, you should be able to write blog posts that will generate more website traffic and ultimately bring in more leads. As a real estate agent, it is important to work with a team of experts who can help promote your content on social media or create an email marketing campaign for your new blog post.

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