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How to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles to Generate Real Estate Leads

Social media lead generation needs to be part of every real estate marketing strategy, and it starts by learning how to optimize your social media profiles.

Collecting leads on social media will help you find people interested in your joining the housing market. More importantly, these leads will help you create online relationships with potential clients and work to create a referral-based business.

This article is for real estate agents who are ready to take their social media marketing up a notch. If you’re new to social media leads, use this article as a first step for getting started.

In fact, when it comes to improving lead quality, most real estate agents agree that social media marketing is the best place to look.

How to Get More Real Estate Leads on Social Media

The first step to generating real estate leads on social media is to make sure your profile is properly optimized. Here are the steps you need to take to optimize your social media profiles.

Optimize Your Social Media Profile

Before you start promoting yourself on social media as a real estate agent, it’s important to make sure your profile is set-up to generate leads. Afterall, that’s why you’re using it, right? Your profile should provide a way for potential clients to contact you, join your email list, and request information.

Provide Your Contact Information

If someone lands on your profile, think about how you want them to be able to contact you. For some real estate agents, they don’t want to put their phone number right on their profile while others don’t mind. Think about how you want to be contacted and have it easily available. There are a number of different ways you can support customer inquiries such as scheduling link to Acutiy or Calendly, your email, website, and phone number.

Create a Call to Action

When someone lands on your social media profile, there needs to be a clear action you want that person to take. When you optimize your social media profiles, the call to action is the most important piece to generate leads. The call to action may change over time as you’re running different campaigns. Some call to actions to consider include:

Contact me for a free market analysis.

Sign-up for my weekly newsletter.

Schedule your free consultation.

Grab my Free Guide

Add a Link to Your Bio

Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok all provide you with a spot to add a link to your bio. While often times real estate agents will put the link to their website or their profile on their brokerages website, this link is prime real estate to generate leads. Whatever you use as the call to action, the link below should take them to that action.

Let’s take a look at how this works – here the company Instagram profile.

As you can see, the call to action is promoting my Grow. Nurture. Sell. membership – if you were to click the link, it takes you to the sign-up page.

Facebook’s link is slightly different. Just below your cover image you have a button. This button has multiple options to choose from like Book Now, Get Quote, Contact Us, Call Us, Learn More, and Sign-Up just to name a few. Which every option you choose is what the button will say, but you choose the link.

Again, as you can see on the business page, we have the learn more button just below my cover video and it links to the Grow. Nurture. Sell. sign-up page.

Choosing the Right Profile Photo

Your profile image is going to be one of the first things a new follower sees, so you want to make sure it makes the right first impression.

As a real estate agent generating leads on social media, you’ll want to use a headshot of yourself, not a logo.

The reason you want to use headshot over a logo is because you’re selling yourself, and this allows you to introduce yourself to new followers right away.

The photo you select for your profiles should be the same across the board. By using the same photo, followers will quickly know they’ve landed on the right profile when they’re searching for you on different platforms.

Items to Include in Your Bio

Your bio on the social media platforms you choose should be viewed as a business card and website rolled into one spot.

The first thing you’ll want to include is how you support your ideal client. The focus should be on the problem you’re solving, not the service you provide.

For example – if you work with first time homebuyers, a great tag line would be “Helping you say goodbye to renting and hello to homeownership” or “Turning your homeownership dreams into a reality.”

*Bonus Tip*

The search option on Instagram can be used as a search engine, so use your name field this way. Someone who is looking for a real estate agent in your community may not know you by name, instead add in keywords that your ideal client is likely to use.

Let’s look at my profile again – you’ll notice I have Real Estate Marketing | Amanda.

My ideal client isn’t going to search for me by name, but they will search for real estate marketing.

As a real estate agent, focus on your community.

{City} Real Estate Agent | Your Name

The Secret to Using Instagram Highlights

Just below your Instagram bio is an area to add Instagram Story Highlights. There are a couple of different ways you can use story highlights to generate leads from social media.

The first is to give an overview of your Instagram feed – what can followers expect from your content. Story highlights are perfect for sharing information about your brand, spotlighting testimonials, and showing your personality.

The second way to use Instagram Story Highlights is as the tabs from your website. Think about what tabs you need or have on your website – about me, contact, listings, opt-ins, and use bio as a miniature version of your website.

Be sure when you’re creating the covers to stick with your brand, ensuring your profile matches across the board.

Add a story to your highlight reel – click the story open after you’ve posted it.

Select the highlight option in the bottom right corner.

Then select the category you want the story to be added to.

Start Generating More Real Estate Leads

If you’re still struggling to generate leads using social media, then your bio could be key in helping you get started. Be sure to grab your free copy of our content marketing guide to help you get started using digital marketing in your real estate marketing plan.

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