So you want to have a pipeline full of
high-quality, organic leads?

Are you ready to get out of feast-or-famine mode and stop wasting your hard-earned money on leads that don’t even respond, let alone convert?!

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Hi, I'm Amanda

and I want to personally help you create your very own lead generation system that delivers high-quality leads so you can be a top-producing real estate agent in your area.

Stop and read this before going any further …

Imagine this:

  • Having a record-breaking month … and then breaking that record the following month
  • Actually enjoying something like a vacation or spa day because you’re not tied to your phone
  • Becoming THE highly-visible and trusted real estate agent in your community
  • Waking up to multiple emails and messages from people who want your help buying or selling
  • Never again hearing the phrase, “I forgot you were in real estate!”

Oh, and being able to focus on your clients, your family, and your own life because your social media content is done for you!!

(Did you read that?? I said DONE FOR YOU!)

Look, we know that you’re already showing up online - you’re smart and you know you need to be visible to stay top of mind.


But, up until this point, you’re not getting the results you thought social media would bring you - and it’s endlessly frustrating because social media takes up a TON of your time.


Read this carefully, friend, because I’m about to tell you the two mistakes you’re making …


●     First, you’re too focused on what to post as opposed to actually using content to build a relationship with your audience. And, when you do post, there’s a chance you’re really only promoting yourself.


●     Second, you lack a strong personal brand. You know that people work with who they know, like, and trust. However, in the social media game, you need to be able to differentiate yourself from competitors by creating a memorable, desirable brand that appeals only to the people you want to work with.


But, don’t worry, because I have the perfect solution for this. Keep reading …

Just so we’re on the same page, this is what you’re totally over doing and - frankly - never want to do again:

  • Trying to convert crappy leads you bought online
  • Cold calling people who don’t want to hear from you
  • Door knocking people who are minding their own business in their home
  • Hosting exhausting open houses and entertaining tire-kickers with cookies and bad jokes
  • Sending mailers that only go right into the trash

And the worst part is that, in the process of becoming a licensed real estate agent, there’s basically no time to learn how to actually build a business.

Instead, because you’re facilitating a transaction of what will be - for most people - the most valuable asset they may ever purchase, your education is focused on laws and contracts.


Which, obviously, is very important.


But nowhere in that curriculum is training on how to be a successful agent so you can actually use all that law and contract knowledge (and make sales).


And that - right there - is why most agents fail within the first few years.


How about we keep you in the real estate game?

I’m not going to lie:


If you want to be your town’s go-to REALTOR, posting to social media like you’re a real estate robot isn’t going to make it happen.


Yes, you’re sharing valuable information, but social media only works (and is only worth your time) when you have a bond with your audience.


So, that means no more posting simply to fill the feed. You must have intention and you must be sincerely engaged with your audience.


Ready to build a dedicated community that wants to work with you?

Introducing: Rockstar Agent

A monthly membership for real estate agents who want done-for-you marketing and personal branding strategy that generates a full pipeline of high-quality social media leads.

When you become a Rockstar Agent, you can immediately stop stressing about what you should post or how you’re going to get your next client because you know there’s a system in place for keeping you in front of your audience and attracting buyers and sellers.

ATTENTION: This is NOT just another content factory for real estate agents.

Not only do we produce content for you, but we’re also here to help you develop the secret behind successful real estate agents …

A strong personal brand.

It’s not enough to be a highly-visible real estate agent; you must also create the same affinity and loyalty that you may recognize in brands like Cartier, Crate & Barrel, Ritz Carlton and more.

Not only do you get personal branding support, but we also limit the number of agents in the program to 150, and that keeps the content more exclusive.

Here’s what you’re going to get when you become a Rockstar Agent

Done-for-You Social Media Posts

Get custom social media content for every day of the week so you can stay visible, give value, and forge a rapport

Social Media Prompts

To help you build your brand and bond with your audience, we’re going to give you monthly prompts to help you create your own, signature content

4 Blog Posts Each Month with Emails

Start building strong SEO by publishing a weekly blog, we’ll even give you the emails to help you promote your content to your subscribers.

Our High-Converting Lead Generation Funnel

Build a valuable database of buyers and sellers with our lead generation funnel that includes a freebie, landing page, and welcome email sequence.

Branding for Real Estate Agents Self-Study Course 

Set yourself apart from the agent herd and create an authentic presence online that attracts clients you’ll love working with.

Training and Strategy

Get the marketing training and strategy you need to dominate your online marketing presence and grow your real estate business.

As a BONUS, when you become a Rockstar Agent, you also get:

Social Media Marketing Made Simple

This ebook will help give you a full understanding of how to use social media marketing to your advantage. You will learn things like:

  • Social media strategy secrets that can help you succeed
  • How to find buyers you actually want to work with
  • How to build a thriving community on social media


And much more!

Right about now, you might be wondering …

“Amanda, why should I join Rockstar Agent?”

Rockstar Agent is based on what actually works for top-producing real estate agents.

It began with one client …

Every week, I would publish a blog post for her and send an email to her database. Within six months she was the #1 agent in her office. Now she is the #3 agent in her state for her brokerage and a top 100 agent in her state overall.

Not only was she consistent, but the content we produced for her helped her develop a bond with her audience, which turned her into a top-producing agent.

Today, I work with agents across the country to help them create a lead generation system that keeps their pipeline full of high-quality leads.

Wondering if this is right for YOU?

You’re perfect for this if you want to replace a cold calling and door knocking strategy with a digital, scalable strategy that is far more effective.

Social media is the future of real estate, plain and simple.

Yes, you CAN become your area’s go-to REALTOR by eliminating outdated tactics and leveraging social media and SEO the right way.

It’s time to stop marketing like real estate agents did in 1997 and bring your game into the future.

Still on the Fence?

I totally get it; that world out there is a minefield of false promises and outright scams. Because I 100% stand behind my program, I offer both a 30-day money-back guarantee* and the opportunity to cancel at any time if you’re just not satisfied.

*terms apply


Email open rates increased by 135%!


Averaging 40 website visitors each week!


Increased her social distribution by 1.5% and averages a 1% – 2% engagement on each post!


ncreased her email open rates by 475%!


We've got A's for your Q's

Who Should Join Rockstar Agent?

If you are an agent who is ready to…

✔ Create a brand that almost effortlessly attracts your ideal client to you online

✔ Lead your ideal clients into your pipeline with social content

✔ Nurture your leads through the entire real estate process

✔ Create relationships that turn your leads into clients

Why is Rockstar Agent so Great?

Your job as a real estate agent doesn’t start at the listing appointment or the buyer consultation, it starts the moment they meet you. Real estate is a relationship business, consumers want a real estate agent that they find trustworthy. Someone they feel a connection to. Joining Rockstar Agent is going to teach you how to create that connection and give you the tools you need to move that connection from your social media profile onto your email list, and beyond.

Does Rockstar Agent Take a Lot of Time?

In about 60-minutes per week, you’ll be able to schedule all your social media postings, upload your blog, and schedule the email to go out. Once all your content is scheduled, all you have to do is focus on setting time aside every day, I recommend about 15 minutes, to engage and grow your account.

(Don’t worry – I’m going to teach you how to grow your account 😊)

How Do I Know Joining Rockstar Agent Will Work for Me?

By becoming a Rockstar Agent, you’re going to receive a roadmap on how to get started using social media to grow your following, generate more leads, and nurture those leads to the point of sale. If you can follow a recipe, you can become a Rockstar Agent.

I stand by this so much, that I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Ready to get started? Sign up now and get instant access!

Rockstar Agent

  • Done-for-You Social Media Posts
  •  Monthly Social Media Prompts
  •  4 Blog Posts Each Month with Emails
  • Our High-Converting Lead Generation Funnel
  •  Branding for Real Estate Agents Self-Study Course


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  • Branded Social Media Posts Scheduled for You
  •  Monthly Social Media Prompts
  •  4 Blog Posts Each Month with Emails Scheduled for You
  • Our High-Converting Lead Generation Funnel
  •  Branding for Real Estate Agents Self-Study Course


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