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How to Position Yourself as a Real Estate Expert

Create Content That Positions You as a Real Estate Expert

In the business world, how you are perceived is directly related to how successful you are. If you can position yourself as a real estate expert, you are more likely to be viewed as trustworthy, and potential clients are more likely to work with you. Here are the best ways to create content that positions you as an expert.

Blog About Your Area of Real Estate and Community Expertise

You are an expert in the real estate world, and the internet should know it. There are so many great stories to tell about your experiences in real estate that are perfect for a blog. Blogs need to be a minimum of 500 words, and topics should include tips, advice, and news surrounding the local community and real estate market. Be sure to encourage discussions in the comments section on the website or if you share to social media.

Maintain consistency with your posting, whether that’s weekly or bi-weekly, daily on social media, so you can develop a strong following. If you are technologically savvy, consider posting videos of yourself giving tips, offering a mock open house, or opening yourself up to live questions from your audience. An online presence affords you the opportunity to have your content shared by others, which increases your visibility.

Agree or Offer to do Interviews Surrounding the Real Estate Market

Reach out to podcasts, radio shows, and local television networks to offer yourself as a real estate expert. Keep your finger on the pulse of media and developing news, and generate a good sense for when your expertise will come in handy. The easiest avenue to pursue would be podcasts, which are organized according to topic. You can find a podcast that caters to real estate, and you can share your story with the audience.

Engage on Social Media

Create a Facebook page or group where you can share information on real estate. Sharing other people’s content is a great way to encourage them to share yours, and opening the page or group up to discussion will give you the chance to show off your knowledge. When you have gathered a solid following, there is the option of having a verified Facebook or Twitter account, which is widely regarded as proof that you are an expert. (Everyone loves that blue check!)

Sponsor or Speak at Local Events

Tune in to real estate-focused events in your area, and connect with organizers to offer your expertise. Whether it’s hosting an informal session or leading a conference, getting up in front of people and sharing your knowledge will establish you as an industry expert. Offer the chance for people to speak with you afterward, and encourage photos and connections via social media.

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