Real Estate Agent Marketing

Real Estate Agent Marketing

How do I market myself as a realtor? Many real estate agents create a plan that only aims to increase their income. The program usually includes how much money they intend to make after a specific duration, with estimations of several transactions, the average price of the home, business expense, and commission percentages.

This approach is an excellent one for the realtor who has an active customer base with good lead conversions. It is recommendable that real estate agent marketing includes specific plans to attract the type of client likely to consider their offer. 

Beginner's guide to real estate marketing

Do you need an online presence?

Companies and brands continue to increase their online presence to keep up with the number of people who prefer to verify their profiles online. Recent research by the Internet Advertising Bureau states that the Internet advertising income was experiencing a twenty percent increment for each consecutive year of its online presence.

Benefits of using our real estate marketing ideas

Large client resource
A strong online presence does not always mean you intend to buy and sell the home. It is a mistake to make yourself useful to only those you deem as prospective clients. It means you get to establish yourself as the ultimate resource for difficult questions. Gravity Real Estate Marketing can make your website become an impactful resource that gives clients educational materials with informative articles for several real estate niches. Other helpful resources include:

  • Mortgage calculators
  • First-time buyer links
  • Buyer tips for various geographical areas in your area of work
  • Clear contact lines


The digital world has an entirely different format for conducting business. You might start to lose clients or attracting clients if you do not have a marketing team that is continually reviewing and updating your strategies. Luckily, you do not have to seek out your competition when you have a marketing team that identifies recent market trends and updates the ever-changing SEO tools.  


Another tip is by willfully educating your site’s viewers and newsletter subscribers about the latest workshops on topics that raise their concern. This setup is possible when you have a powerful emailing tool that sends out relevant information at timed durations.

The real question is, 'How can I improve my real estate business?' A practical real estate marketing tips for agents are using blogs or educating subscribers is to use a friendly yet straightforward tone. Post on topics that they care about and try to make sure the message is apparent with every newsletter or article.

Keep a healthy CPA to LTV ratio

Some real estate agent marketing will promote a 3:1 ratio, stating that it is a practical value for customers and the correct acquisition cost required to gain their attention. A more in-depth analysis reveals that a ratio by itself is potentially meaningless.

Consider LTV and CPA variables that can help you build a marketing plan to sustain your lifestyle if you are a budding realtor. Established realtors who earn more than a full-time income will, however, have a different analysis system. Allocate the excess funds to the diversification of the marketing portfolio so that you can maintain LTV with all clients.

We have several updated marketing tips to ease your entry into the game or solidify a mastered skill. Contact us to learn your options and begin your journey of ascension.


Real Estate Agent Marketing
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