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How to Market Your Real Estate Business in Less Than 60 Minutes a Week

Marketing your real estate business should be fun and simple. It’s important for real estate agents to carve out time to focus on their lead generating activities that will help them achieve their goals more quickly.

Unfortunately, many real estate agents don’t view marketing as fun, but rather a necessary evil that must be done if they want to be successful, and as a small business owner myself, I get how frustrating marketing can be at times.

The reason many real estate agents don’t view marketing as fun is because of the time they must devote to it. Coming up with new content for emails, social media, and your website can be hard. When you have a listing to market, everything seems to come together so easily, but when you have to market yourself and build up that pipeline, suddenly, it can feel like a chore.

If that little voice in your head is screaming, yes, this sounds exactly like me, then the good news is you don’t have to spend hours upon hours trying to come up with a sound marketing plan. You can spend less than 60 minutes a week marketing your business.

Close your eyes and think for just a moment of a platform that gave you not only social media posts to use daily with captions, but social media prompts on what videos to record and how long they should be. A platform that gave you ideas on community postings to include.

What if you had a new blog to post to your website every week, and you had the tools needed to get eyes on that blog. What if you could say goodbye to templated newsletters that your brokerage put together, and you had emails that you could send to your database every week that allowed you to nurture those leads on a more personal basis?

What would it mean for your business to have the tools and products to grow your database, allowing you to build a long-term pipeline instead of chasing down your next closing?

If I gave you a 30-day marketing plan to try for free, would you?

Say hello to Grow. Nurture. Sell., your online content marketing manager that will help you grow your database, nurture your leads, and sell more homes.

With the use of the platform, you will get access to weekly blogs, emails, social media posts, and lead magnets to use in your business and the tools needed to implement a content marketing plan to help you become the go-to agent in your community.

See, like any plan or idea, if they’re not implemented correctly, then they’re no use to you. So, unlike other platforms that offer similar solutions, Grow. Nurture. Sell. has been proven to help agents grow their real estate business.

In fact, this is the exact formula I used to help Sabrina close more than $1.6 million in sales during the first quarter this year.

Are you ready to get results like Sabrina by learning how to incorporate content marketing into your real estate marketing plan? I can teach you how to do that while saving time and money through Grow. Nurture. Sell.

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