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Social Media Real Estate Marketing Strategies for 2021

Over the past few years, the real estate industry has been disrupted by the onset of new technology, causing real estate agents to come up with new real estate marketing strategies. Last year when the pandemic stopped us all in our tracks, many real estate agents found themselves redoing their entire marketing plan.

As the real estate industry continues to see these rapid changes, you as the agent need to be ready and have a full understanding of which of these tactics you should use and which ones to let go of. Today, I’m sharing social media marketing for real estate agents, including which platforms you should be using and creating a content marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Gone are the days that you as a real estate agent can say, “I don’t use social media.” If you’re still struggling with social media, then now is the time to start learning. Social media is one of the top ways real estate agents are generating leads every day online. But there is so much more to using social media than just posting online every day. Not only are you trying to understand the algorithm to get engagement on your posts, but you need a strategy on what to share and when.  Don’t let the worry of not knowing what to post scare you, once you have a strategy, coming up with content is a breeze.

Instagram for Real Estate Agents

It’s crazy to think that Instagram is officially 10 years old now. It is the 4th-most used mobile application and bears more weight than website visits. The only applications to outrank Instagram include Facebook, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. All four applications are owned by Facebook.

So, as a real estate agent, how do you create a real estate marketing strategy for Instagram?

The first is to know how to utilize all the features of the app.

For 2021, the optimal postings schedule should include the following…

  • 3-5 Feed posts – These are your photos, videos less than 60 seconds, and carousal postings.
  • 8-10 Stories – Stories are posted for 24 hours before disappearing. You can save your stories to highlights on your profile. Highlights are a great option to utilize when your website isn’t completed or as a way to compliment your website.
  • 4-7 Reels – Reels are Instagram’s way of competing with TikTok. These videos are up to 30 seconds in length and typically include some type of music. However, not all accounts have access to the music yet.
  • 1-3 IGTV – IGTV are perfect for videos over 60 seconds and can run up to 10 minutes if posting from your phone and up to 60 minutes if posting from your computer or laptop.

Once you understand how to use each feature, the next is to recycle content. Don’t let the fear of all that content stop you from using the application. You can send each of your feed postings to your story, and IGTV can be cut down to create multiple reels.

TikTok for Real Estate Agents

What was once believed to be an app for teenagers is now one of the fastest-growing apps with more than 1.5 billion downloads. TikTok should be at the top of your list for 2021 for several reasons, but the most important one is because short-form video isn’t going anywhere. What I love about TikTok (and IG Reels) is you’re able to show up on camera without having to talk if you don’t want to. A lot of my videos are just me pointing to words.

So, how do you make TikTok work for you?

TikTok is designed to connect you with others who share the same passions as you. You’re able to curate the type of content you see based on the type of content you engage with.  

And because TikTok is still a newer app, getting more organic reach is possible compared to Facebook.

When it comes to creating a real estate TikTok strategy, it’s important to know how to use the discover page. The discover page is going to tell you what hashtags, songs, and effects are trending for that day. Trends on TikTok tend to last for just a few weeks, so you have to jump on them pretty quickly.

Another bonus to TikTok is you’re able to easily collaborate with other users to grow your own account. These collaborations can be done using the duet feature or the stitch feature.

What’s important to know about TikTok is you have to post 1-2 times per day, that’s why bulk recording is crucial, but that’s also why the stitch and duet features are so popular.

You’re also able to directly respond to people’s comments by creating another video. You don’t have to type out your response.

tik tok for real estate agents

Facebook for Real Estate Agents

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms out there, but it’s also one of the hardest to stand out on. Unless you’re a master of going viral, getting organic growth takes a lot of time and patience. I personally know one agent who has gone viral and she’s told me that agents ask her all the time how she did it. The truth is… she posted a life hack and it just took off!

When it comes to Facebook, the types of content that you should be posting include photos, videos, status updates, link posts where the content auto-populates, and wildcards. The wildcard posts include things such as collages, polls, events, stories, etc.

Bonus Tip: Facebook wants its users to stay on Facebook, so the more you can utilize the features, the better. Want to share a video? Consider posting it directly to Facebook or going live. Don’t share from YouTube.

As you’re planning your content, think about what speaks to your ideal client. For example, I see a lot of agents sharing posts from the popular blog, The Lighter Side of Real Estate. Real estate agents are sharing these posts because THEY find them funny. But the question is, do your clients or potential clients find it funny?

If Facebook marketing is going to be big part of your marketing plan, be prepared to throw some money in the game.

Types of Social Media Content for Real Estate Agents

As I mentioned above, when you’re planning your content for social media, you want to think about what is going to speak to your idea client. Create a calendar that works for you and stick with it. It’s better to show up consistently online than sporadically.

If you can only commit to posting three times per week, then consistently post those three times, don’t post once one week, and then 10 times the following.

Give each day a theme, that makes it easier to know what type of content to provide. Food, home and lifestyle topics account for 85% of the world’s most shared content.

As your writing your captions, don’t forget the call to action, or CTA. If you want your followers to do something, write it out plain and clear.

If you want them to like the post, tell them…

“Click that like button if you agree.”

“Want to schedule your free tour, call me at 972-555-5555.”

Remember, you don’t have to be on every platform. Find the ones that you’re comfortable using and show up there. You can always add in more later.

social media for real estate

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