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Website Design Services

Showcase Your Real Estate Services

With a Stunning Website

You deserve a website that looks as good as you do. We’ll work with you to create a design that represents your brand and stands out from the competition.

Tailored to Your Real Estate Services

Responsive Design

Collaborative Effort

Streamlining your website design for a simpler, more collaborative experience so you can focus on the essentials of your real estate business.

If you’re like most real estate agents, you have no clue how to build a website. Don’t worry, we do! We use the latest web design trends and techniques to create a stunning digital presence for your real estate business.

We make sure each page is beautiful and engaging with smooth navigation that makes finding information easy for visitors. Our designs are tailored to your specific services so customers can quickly learn about what you offer.

Make Your Real Estate Business Shine Online With A Custom Website

Create the real estate website of your dreams that generates leads and promotes your services, with copy crafted to capture attention and drive conversions.

Real Estate Success With Gravity Real Estate Marketing!

Maximize Your Brand’s Visibility With An Expertly Crafted Real Estate Website

The growth of the real estate industry has attracted more and more players in the market, making it increasingly important for agents to differentiate themselves from their competitors. One great way to stand out is through an expertly crafted real estate website that maximizes your brand’s visibility by delivering a professional, modern, and user-friendly experience.

Investing in a well-designed website results in positive first impressions; it not only lets clients know that you are serious about what you do but also helps them understand who you are and sets the tone for a successful working relationship.

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Here's How it Works

  • Book a Marketing Strategy Call

    During the call we’ll review your current website and discuss your goals and objectives.

  • Write and Design Your Website

    We'll use the latest web design trends and techniques to create a stunning digital presence for your real estate business.

  • Launch Your Website

    Once your website is completed, it's time to launch! We'll work together to make sure everything is running smoothly and that all the details are taken care of.


I use WordPress to design custom websites that are tailored to your exact specifications and needs. With WordPress, I am able to create a website with a unique layout and design elements that best represent your brand while still providing a great user experience. Additionally, if you want to use the website your brokerage provides, I’m also able to help you set up and customize the website within the constraints of what their platform allows.

A customized website for your business can take 8-10 weeks to develop. This timeframe includes the design process, as well as factoring in content creation, testing and optimization of the finished site. During this time, we’ll be working together to ensure the website is tailored to your exact specifications and will meet all of your marketing goals. Our team has a wealth of experience creating websites that are both attractive and effective; we’ll make sure you have a stunning digital presence that meets your specific needs and drives results.

Once your website is complete, I can provide you with guidance and information on how to manage your site and make updates as needed. I am experienced in web design and can offer additional services such as monthly check-ins, regular maintenance, and new feature installation. Additionally, I can help you develop a content strategy that includes adding fresh content on a regular basis to keep visitors engaged.

No, our service does not include website hosting. However, we are more than happy to provide support in setting up a third-party hosting provider for your website. We recommend BlueHost, which offers reliable and secure hosting services at an affordable cost.

Yes, there are additional costs associated with building a website. You will need to pay for an IDX service provider, which will provide data such as MLS listings; you must also purchase your domain name and pay for hosting fees for the website.

My custom website design services start at $2500 for a 10-page website and include content and design. This fee covers the process of designing the perfect look, feel, and functionality of your website, as well as crafting engaging, SEO-friendly content in order to create an exceptional online presence that really stands out from the crowd. If you’re looking for something even more budget-friendly, I also offer ready-to-use website templates.

Schedule Your Personalized Strategy Call Now To Reap The Benefits of a Customized Real Estate Website

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