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How Sabrina Went from Frustrated to #1 in Six Months (and How You Can Copy It)

You know you need to be doing more marketing, but you don’t have the time or resources to do it all yourself. How are you supposed to find time to create content, engage with your audience, send out email newsletters, and ensure your clients are taken care of?

On top of all that, the real estate industry is highly competitive, and figuring out how to stand out from the rest of the pack can feel impossible, especially when you’re trying to do it all yourself.

When I first started working with Sabrina, she was tired of paying for leads who wouldn’t take or return her calls.

She was already on social media, but she wasn’t posting that often, and she was sending out emails to her database, but no one ever responded.

So, we created a content plan that got her in front of her audience consistently and got them excited about what she was sharing.

The consistency, combined with authentic and intentional content, took her to the top spot in her office within six months!!

Now, 2 years later, she’s the #3 agent in her brokerage for her home state and #83 in the state overall.

"I have been working with Amanda since 2017, and she has been a Godsend! She has helped me tremendously with the daunting tasks of social media, website development, and technology challenges which are NOT AN OPTION in Real Estate today."
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Broker Associate

This Simple Yet Effective Marketing Strategy Could Help You

We’re Already Helping Agents Just Like You Grow Their Real Estate Business

This is NOT just another content factory for real estate agents.

This is for agents who are ready to build stronger relationships so they can stop stressing about where their next client is coming from with a system that keeps them top of mind with their audience.

If That Sounds Like You, Now Is Your Time To Shine With Rockstar Agent

A monthly membership for real estate agents who are ready to create a personal brand and get their hands on done-for-you marketing that will help them build a pipeline full of high-quality leads.

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Life as a Member of Rockstar Agent

Enjoying More Guilt-Free Date Nights Without Worrying About What To Post To Your Social Media.
Getting Noticed In Your Community And Creating Opportunities By Communicating With Your Audience In A More Personalized Way.
Growing A Loyal Following That’s Interested In Your Services By Helping Them Solve Their Biggest Challenges.
Spending More Time Binging Your Favorite Shows By Having All The Tools You’ll Need For Lead Generation In One Place.
Feeling Confident And Powerful When It Comes To Marketing Yourself As An Agent.
Knowing The Latest Online Strategies That Grow Your Real Estate Business, Even When You’re You’re Not Working.

As a BONUS, When You Become A Rockstar Agent, You Also Get Social Media Marketing Made Simple

This ebook will help give you a full understanding of how to use social media marketing to your advantage.

You will learn things like:

And much more!

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Just Imagine, 1 year From Now…

Waking up and you have a list of people who are ready to work with. Your business is growing, you have closings lined up every month, and you’re able to take a vacation without worrying if your business will slow down.

Other agents in your office will wonder, “how do they have time to do it all?”

You’ll be able to answer back with a smile on your face, “I have a system in place that’s always working to keep me in front of my audience… even when I’m away from the computer!”


You’re no longer struggling to make time to grow on social media, engage with your audience, generate leads, and help your clients.

You’re actually showing up consistently online, building a stronger brand, and still finding time for your weekly happy hours, date nights, and your favorite true-crime series.

Start Automating Your Real Estate Marketing By Becoming A Rockstar Agent

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The Stats Don’t Lie. See How We’re Helping Our Agents Build Their Real Estate Brand Online!


Increased her email open rate by 475%.


Increased her social distribution by 1.5%.


Increased her email open rates by 135%.

Let’s Face It... You Now Have 2 Options:

Option 1: Spend hours creating content and trying to figure out what works to generate leads


Option 2: Get access to an easy-to-implement digital marketing strategy that allows you to save time, keeps you in front of your audience, and provides you with everything you need to generate and convert leads.

Hey There! I’m Amanda, Your Real Estate Marketing BFF…

And owner of Gravity Real Estate Marketing!

The Rockstar Agent membership is designed to provide you with expert solutions for creating and driving leads to your businesses through digital marketing strategies.

To succeed in real estate, you always need to be working to meet new people while still connecting with those you already know. Through a combination of blogs, emails, social media, and list growth strategies, our goal is to provide you with everything you need to scale your real estate business save hours a week wondering what you should be doing, and get your back to doing what you do best… selling houses!

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Still Unsure? Here Are Some Common Questions We Get...

If you are an agent who is ready to…

✔ Create a brand that almost effortlessly attracts your ideal client to you online

✔ Lead your ideal clients into your pipeline with social content

✔ Nurture your leads through the entire real estate process

✔ Create relationships that turn your leads into clients

In about 60-minutes per week, you’ll be able to schedule all your social media postings, upload your blog, and schedule the email to go out. Once all your content is scheduled, all you have to do is focus on setting time aside every day, I recommend about 15 minutes, to engage and grow your account.

(Don’t worry – I’m going to teach you how to grow your account 😊)

Your job as a real estate agent doesn’t start at the listing appointment or the buyer consultation, it starts the moment they meet you. Real estate is a relationship business, consumers want a real estate agent that they find trustworthy. Someone they feel a connection to. Joining Rockstar Agent is going to teach you how to create that connection and give you the tools you need to move that connection from your social media profile onto your email list, and beyond.

By becoming a Rockstar Agent, you’re going to receive a roadmap on how to get started using social media to grow your following, generate more leads, and nurture those leads to the point of sale. If you can follow a recipe, you can become a Rockstar Agent.


I stand by this so much, that I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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