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Short-Form Video… Should Realtors be Using TikTok and Instagram Reels?

If you were to ask me five months ago what TikTok was, I would have given you a blank stare. I had heard of the app, but I wasn’t sure how it worked or what the point of it was, not to mention how to use it for business making short-form video.

Then, as the pandemic continued on, TikTok quickly became an outlet for many of those stuck at home, and it is now one of the most downloaded apps, with more than 2 billion downloads, on the app stores. In August 2020, Instagram jumped on the bandwagon and released their version of TikTok, called Instagram Reels. This solidified the newest marketing trend: short-form video. These videos are typically 15–60 seconds, and they usually have music in the background and are paired with some killer dance moves. 

So, why has short-form video suddenly become so popular? Is it because of the pandemic, or is there a deeper meaning? Nonetheless, this marketing tactic is here to stay, and if you haven’t started adding in this type of video to your marketing plan, here are four reasons why real estate agents should start using TikTok and Instagram Reels today.

Why should real estate agents consider short-form videos?

Consumers Have Short Attention Spans

According to a study by Microsoft, you have approximately 8 seconds to capture your audience’s attention. The study showed that since the year 2000, about the time mobile phones became more than just phones, the average attention span of a person has dropped from 12 seconds to about 8 seconds. Shorter videos allow you to pack a lot of value into short clips, ensuring the audience watches the video in its entirety.

Short-Form Videos Humanize You as a Real Estate Agent

Getting in front of a video camera or going live on an app can easily scare away some people. We constantly feel like we have to be perfect when people want to see the real you in reality. With short-form video, you don’t necessarily even have to talk. It’s easy to point to text to get your point across. Adding in short-form video is a perfect way to personalize and humanize your brand.

You Can Become an Early Adaptor

Instagram Reels released in August of 2020; as of writing this, that was less than three months ago. TikTok has become increasingly popular since 2019. These features aren’t nearly as saturated as other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Becoming an early adopter is the perfect opportunity for you to become known as “the real estate agent with the great videos.”

Where to Find the Next Generation of Homeowners

Short-form video content is most popular with Gen Z and Millennials. As Gen Z begins to graduate from college and start their careers, they’ll soon be ready to purchase their first home. While some Millennials are still working to buy their first home, many are beginning to make plans to move into their second home. 84% of those watching short-form videos fall into either the Gen Z or Millennial generation, making TikTok for real estate agents the perfect spot to find their next client.

Short-Form Video is How We’re Spending Our Time   

The best marketing advice to remember is to show up where your audience is hanging out. That’s why it’s crucial to understand your target demographic. On average, consumers are spending 55 minutes PER DAY watching short-form video content. Your audience is already watching; now it’s your job to get in front of them.

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