Top Real Estate Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Gone are the days of sending out direct mailers and cold calling. It can be hard to track your ROI in the mailers, and most people who own phones no longer answer phone numbers they don’t recognize.

Postcards are great for announcing listings, and text messages are useful, but in the world of marketing today, you have to find ways to think outside the box.

To become a successful real estate agent, you have to find ways to supplement the traditional marketing techniques that most consumers are used to seeing with real estate agents.

But with so many tools available for agents, it can be difficult to know what you need and what to skip on. In this week’s blog, I’m focusing on the top real estate marketing tools that will help you grow your real estate business and automate much of your marketing.

Real Estate Tools to Generate Leads

There are a lot of ways you can generate leads for free online, but you have to know how to use the platforms to generate those leads. While it’s always smart to continue handing out your business card and actively keeping in touch with your sphere of influence (SOI) you also need a way to actively seek out those who are ready to buy and sell now. 

Real Estate Website with iHome Finder

Having your own real estate website is crucial when it comes to online marketing. You need to a spot that you can send your leads to ensure you don’t lose them. Many agents believe that just using their brokerage’s website is enough, but if a lead doesn’t mark you as their preferred agent, then you run the risk of possibly losing that lead. I recommend using a site that has WordPress integration for optimal search engine optimization (SEO, such as iHome Finder. 

Grow. Nurture. Sell. Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given to a consumer in exchange for the consumers contact information. Real estate agents use lead magnets to add potential clients to their email list. Great lead magnet options include buyer and seller guides, home renovation guides, or lists with homes in a particular price rage. Lead magnets can be used as opt-ins on your website or through a landing page on social media.  Many of these lead magnets listed as well as others can be found on the Grow. Nurture. Sell. platform.

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone or single page website, created specifically for a marketing campaign. Often times landing pages are paired with the lead magnet to ensure the consumer doesn’t leave the site without submitting their information. Leadpages, my favorite landing page platform, is an easy-to-use platform for creating landing pages and pop-ups to help you generate leads from your website.

Real Estate Tools for Email Marketing

When used correctly, email can be a huge player for real estate agents. On average, email generates $38 for every $1 spent. That’s a 3,700% return on investment!

Email marketing is a great way to build brand awareness and create long-term relationships with past clients. By connecting with your database on a regular basis, you’re more likely to stay top of mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Constant Contact

I personally use Constant Contact for my email marketing, and I love it. Their drag and drop email builder is easy to use and they also provide an abundance of ready to use templates.

Some of the best features include welcome email triggers for new subscribers, the ability to automatically resend emails to non-openers, list-building tools, and email scheduling.


MailChimp is one of the most popular email market systems out there because they make email marketing simple and effective.

MailChimp features include email scheduling, list segmentation, engaging templates, social media and even CRM integration.  

Social Media Management Tools

Scheduling and planning social media content can be time consuming. That’s why you need tools that help you schedule your content ahead of time in less than 60 minutes per week. Your time should be focused on nurturing your leads and creating relationships. Here are the top social media management tools for real estate agents to use to automate their social media marketing.


Hootsuite’s free plan allows you to connect up to three social media channels and schedule up to 30 posts to be published on those channels. If you prefer to use short links in your postings, Hootsuite will automatically create them for you so you won’t have to use a second service such as


As an official Instagram and Pinterest partner, Planoly caters to businesses of all sizes. What I love about Planoly is I can schedule my Instagram Stories on the platform and receive notifications when it’s time to post them. Their scheduler provides the best times to post to the platforms as well, and you can also schedule your first comment, which is where I place my hashtags. The free account option is perfect for a solo agent.

Facebook Creator Studio

The Facebook Creator Studio is the forever free way to post directly to Facebook and Instagram using the platform’s own tools. Facebook wants you to use its tools and it’s a great way to get more eyes on your content. I love that you can upload everything once and post to both Instagram and Facebook at the same time.

Implementing Real Estate Marketing Tools

The real estate marketing tools share here will save you time and money, but they are useless if you don’t have a business plan or marketing strategy. The only way to find success in real estate is by growing your SOI and working to create lifelong relationships. As a real estate marketing specialist, I’ve helped many agents use and implement these tools. If you need help with your real estate marketing, be sure to schedule a free consultation.

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