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Why Video Marketing Is Important for Real Estate Agents

The one marketing tactic I continue to see real estate agents struggle with is adding in video marketing. Gone are the days where you can skip over videos, video marketing is now a major component to generating leads online.

Why is video marketing so important for real estate agents? Simple… As the internet continues to evolve, the easiest way to generate new leads is by catching people’s attention.

The most effective way to capture people’s attention online is by creating real estate videos that showcase your local expertise and give consumers an insight of what it’s like to work with you.

The one thing holding most real estate agents back from using video marketing is the fear of getting started.

This fear comes from not wanting to be on camera, thinking they need expensive equipment, or not knowing what to say.

That’s why I created this video marketing guide for real estate agents to help you get started.

3 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Get Started with Video Marketing

According to the National Association of Realtors, 38 percent of agents are using video marketing in their business plan. Getting in front of a video camera or going live on an app can easily scare away many real estate agents. As humans, we constantly feel like we have to be perfect when people want to see the real you in reality.

Video Marketing Helps Build Trust

When you take the time to use video the right way in your marketing plan, you can easily create a personal brand for yourself, which is something you should be doing right from the beginning.

Your uniqueness is what helps set you apart from other agents, and helps you establish yourself as the go to agent in your community.

Different from texts and photos, video allows someone to feel as though they know you on a more personal level because they’re able to hear what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.

Buying and selling a home is a very personal decision, and the more someone feels a connection to you, the more likely they are to hire you when they’re ready to enter the real estate market.

As you get more consistent with your video marketing, and you begin to build trust with your local audience, you’ll begin to see more engagement on your posts.

The increased engagement is a great indicator that people are building trust with you.

Video Marketing Increases Your SEO Rankings

Video is a great way to increase your rankings on Google and other search engines because video is the number one-way consumers are consuming content these days.

YouTube is owned by Google, and now when you use Google to search for content, you’ll often see videos from YouTube show up as well.

When you use video in your real estate marketing plan, you’re likely to see an increase of 157% of organic traffic to your website. For real estate agents looking to master digital marketing, videos are among the best way to rank higher for real estate information.

A great strategy to start increasing your rankings on both YouTube and Google is to focus on local real estate content.

More Consumers are Watching Videos

More and content is being watching online now. 85% of all internet users in the United States are watching video content monthly.

In a study conducted by HubSpot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands and business that they support. As the demand for video increases, industry leaders are proactively producing real estate video content in order to meet the rising need.

What this tells us is, if you want to generate more leads, you need to be showing up where the consumers are hanging out.

Creating a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Real Estate Brand

Creating a real estate video marketing strategy is just like any other marketing campaign. You want to first start by researching and strategizing on the type of content you plan to share, and then work toward creating goals to turn those videos into lead generation machines.

Understanding the Goals of Your Real Estate Video

The first step in your real estate video marketing strategy is to outline your video marketing goals. You’ll want to create videos for every step of the real estate funnel.

During the awareness phase you’ll want to focus a challenge or problem your ideal client has and work toward attracting new consumers to introduce to your brand. This problem can be big, like finding a home to purchase, or small, like finding something free to do this weekend.

Videos to create during the consideration phase should focus on how the consumer can solve the problem that they realized they had during the awareness phase.

Lastly, during the sales phase, you want to be the person a consumer thinks of when they’re ready to make a decision. You want to show the consumer testimonials of custom satisfaction and prove why you’re the best real estate agent to hire.

Types of Videos to Real Estate Agents Need

There are several types of videos that real estate agents should be recording. Just like with any marketing tactic, staying consistent is key to growing a following. Here are five videos you need to including in your video marketing strategy.

Real Estate Listings

One of the biggest reasons the Internet has changed our lives is because it has allowed us to experience people and places without leaving our house. With real estate, video tours are allowing buyers to view a listing they like before seeing it in person.


Testimonials are a great way to for potential clients to learn what’s its like to work with you. They’re able to hear firsthand from someone who has worked with you what it’s like to have you on their team.

Educational Videos

Since consumers are getting more of their information from video nowadays, why not use video to educate your audience. According to Social Media Week, consumers are 95% more likely to retain a message if it’s in video form.

Neighborhood Tours

When buyers are searching for a new home, they want to know what it’s going to be like to live in that neighborhood. It’s one thing to share photos and talk about businesses in the area, but it’s another thing to hear from those business owners or get a personalized tour of the community.


The final video you want to be including are personalized videos about you and your business. People connect with others because of shared interest or experiences – what better way to share your stories than through video.

Getting Started with Video Marketing

There are many opportunities and channels for you to put your video marketing to work with your real estate brand – the first step is to just get started. If you’re ready to start using more video as a tactic in your real estate marketing plan, but still need a little more guidance, be sure to sign-up as a member of Grow. Nurture. Sell. As a member you’ll receive new video prompts every month, so you don’t have to think about what videos you need to record.

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